Vehicles are fast and/or equipped with powerful weapons. They are only available in Survival game mode.


These three vehicles are more geared towards transportation, but that does not mean they can't take out a dinosaur. Some of these vehicles are spread over all Survival maps. Gladiators will also spawn on the first outpost once it is captured.

Dragonfly Penguin Gladiator
Name Dragonfly Hover-Bike Penguin Scout-Buggy Gladiator Combat-Buggy
Price 4,000 Cr 14,000 Cr 12,000 Cr
Hitpoints 250 400 500
Speed 25m/s 30m/s 20m/s
Turbo 50m/s 40m/s 30m/s
Weapons None None Gatling Gun
Seats 1 2 3

Combat VehiclesEdit

Those heavy armed vehicles can all carry one player. Their weapons are devastating, but Gatling Guns run hot and need to cool down and reloading weapons takes time. These vehicles spawn as rewards for capturing the second and third outpost. VTOLs do not spawn on all maps.

Mech Tank Falcon
Name Minotaur Mech Cobra Tank Falcon VTOL
Price 24,000 Cr 40,000 Cr 40,000 Cr
Hitpoints 1,000 1,500 1,000
Speed 8m/s (turbo: 16m/s) 10m/s 40m/s
Weapons Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher Gatling Gun, Cannon Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher

To conquer the big worlds the developers added the Iguana Armored Personal Carrier, a tough, slow vehicle with five seats and a turret. This vehicle is only available in Conquest and Vital game modes. 

Name Iguana APC
Price 50,000 Cr
Seats 5
Hitpoints 2,500
Speed ?m/s (slow)
Weapons Energy Cannon


You can select between mouse steering (vehicle follows your crosshair) and strafe steering (control vehicle with w, a, s and d keys) in the gameplay options. This does not affect combat vehicles, as they use a combined control scheme.

Transportation vehicles have a turbo (use sprint, default 'shift' key) and a handbreak (jump, default 'space') for powerslides. The Mech sprints on turbo.

Drivers can change the camera to first person view by holding right mouse button or pressing the ability key (default 'ctrl'). This only applies to the Hoverbike and the buggies.

Passengers can use their weapons while riding a vehicle. Change weapons with number keys.

Change seats with crouch key (default 'c') or number keys (unless you are in the passenger seat, where numbers cycle weapons)

The Mech does a stomp attack when pressing the ability key ('ctrl'), the VTOL retracts its landing gear with that key.

VTOLs ascend with jump ('space') and descend with crouch ('c') keys.

Killing DinosaursEdit

All vehicles can kill smaller dinosaurs by just driving them over. Since that's pretty easy, road-kills only give 25% of the regular credits. You still get full experience points. Kills with a vehicle's weapon give full credits.

Large dinosaurs take damage from a vehicle hit, but with their huge amount of hitpoints and their strong attacks you'll be in grave danger once you get too close.

Everyone else in a vehicle gets assist points when a dinosaur is killed.

Compies can not be road-killed with the Gladiator. Penguin and Hoverbike work fine.

Repairing VehiclesEdit

There are three ways to repair a broken vehicle. The Utility Gun has a red repair beam that slowly restores hitpoints. EMP grenades immediately repair damages, but their electromagnetic field disables vehicles for a few seconds. The TREK bow EMP arrows will also repair vehicles in the same manner with the added bonus that the EMP arrows regenerate after a short period of time.