The T-Rex is one of 10 dinosaurs in Orion: Dino Horde, and one of 5 "boss" dinosaurs. Her friends call her Sally.

Like all other "boss" dinos, the T-Rex should be a high priority target, killing it before raptors is highly recommended.

The T-Rex is one of the three playable dinosaurs in Rampage game mode.

The T-Rex can replenish its hit points by eating Raptors so it is important to concentrate fire power on a T-Rex and bring it down as soon as possible.


The T-Rex has a chomp ability which can instantly kill carriers. However, the ability can easily be avoided by strafing, rolling, or kiting.

She can throw rocks over long distances and with high precision. Direct rock hits get players to their knees. They also hurt and kill other dinosaurs.

If you stand close, T-Rex stomp on the ground, dealing moderate damage.

if you stand too close, she'll crush you with her feet.