The Spinosaurus is one of 10 dinosaurs in Orion: Dino Horde, and one of 5 "boss" dinosaurs. She also listens to the name Jenny.

Like all other "boss" dinos, the Spinosaurus should be a high priority target, killing it before raptors is highly recommended.

The Spinosaurus is one of the three playable dinosaurs in Rampage game mode.

The Spinosaurus can replenish its hit points by eating Raptors so it is important to concentrate fire power on a Spinosaurus and bring it down as soon as possible.


The Spinosaurus has a chomp ability which can instantly kill carriers. However, the ability can easily be avoided by strafing, rolling, or kiting.

If she does not mean to eat you right away, she uses her nose lift attack to hurt players.

Her stomp attack deals damage to all nearby enemies.

The sheer weight of Spinosaurus crushes you to death if you happen to get under her feet.

Note that this beast has more hit points than any other dino making her hard to kill. Her height also gives her the ability to make trouble for an Assault class who is low on fuel. Her speed makes it hard for the Support and Recon classes to evade her once seen (Smoke grenades and cloaks are one's only hope.)


Spinosaur lost the ability to throw rocks, but gained much more health in exchange.