Sidearms are the most basic equipment. Players always have a sidearm available and can not run out of ammo for it. All sidearms are available for purchase at the Armory.

When a player is lethally wounded, he falls to his knees and has to fight for his life. They can only use their sidearm at that time. Picking a powerful weapon can prevent an untimely death.

Weapon StatsEdit

By default each class starts with one of these weapons.

Cv10 Cv10s M40
Name CV-10 Pistol CV-10 Silenced Pistol M-40 Magnum
Damage 60 60 100
RoF* 0.087 0.087 0.087
Clipsize 16 16 10
Fire Mode 2 Round Burst 2 Round Burst Semi-Auto
Price 500Cr 600Cr 750Cr
Class Assault Recon Support
)* RoF = Rate of FireEdit

The more powerful pistols are available at the Armory. Once a class reaches level 5, it unlocks one of these weapons in the Loadout Menu. They can be set as starting weapons for all classes.

RNC9 C9 T99
Name RNC-9 Automatic Pistol C9 Revolver T-99 Dual Pistols
Damage 50 325 70
RoF* 0.067 0.5 0.087
Fire Mode Automatic Semi-Auto Semi-Auto
Clipsize 20 6 15x2
Price 1,500Cr 2,000Cr 2,000Cr

)* RoF = Rate of Fire

Additional NotesEdit

The silenced pistol has no advantages unless you are playing the Recon class, arecloaked and have the Assassin augmentation.

The actual rate of fire for all non-automatic weapons is often limited by how fast you can click your mouse, as 11.5 clicks per second are kind of fast.

Sidearms can not be dropped (default 'L' key) to make sure players can not become unarmed. This was introduced because during testing developers sometimes dropped their weapons by accident and could not find them again. When the sidearm is replaced with another weapon, the old one does drop to the ground.