Secondary Weapons are a cheap way to get some additional firepower. All secondaries are available for purchase at the Armory. They come with a total of 11 clips before they run out of ammunition.

Weapon StatsEdit

Submachine-guns have a high rate of fire and are fairly accurate even on longer distances.

MX-4 RNC44
Name MX-4 Silenced SMG RNC-44 Tactical SMG
Damage 45 50
RoF 0.067 0.067
Clipsize 50 50
Price 2,250Cr 2,500Cr

Shotguns have devastating power on short distance.

Trek12 Trek13
Name TREK-12 Combat Shotgun TREK-13 Automatic Shotgun
Damage 75x8 50x6
RoF 1.0 0.5
Clipsize 6 10
Price 3,000Cr 3,000Cr

The Ion Blade is a powerful melee weapon. Special combo attacks allow dealing even more damage. It requires no ammunition.

Ion blade

Name TREK Ion Blade
Damage varies
RoF 0.5
Price 20,000Cr

Additional NotesEdit

Each class unlocks one of the secondary weapons for the loadout menu when reaching level 20.

The silenced SMG has no advantages unless you play Recon, are cloaked and have the Assassin augmentation.

Ammunition is available for sale at the Armory. Captured Outposts have supply stations that refill ammo for free. The Utility Gun item offers an endless amount of ammo. If you're ever out of ammo, remeber that your sidearms can't run dry. At later levels you also get the ability to regenerate ammunition.