Raupi map

Raupi map is one of the largest Survival maps in Dino Horde.


Spread over the map are two Hoverbikes, five Penguin buggies and two Gladiator buggies. When captured, the outposts spawn:

Outpost Alpha 2 Gladiators
Outpost Bravo 1 Mech, 1 Tank
Outpost Charlie 2 VTOLs


Raupi (day) is a beatiful place where the sun shines on dense vegetation and flowers. Butterflies and glowing particles fly through the air and fish swim in the deep end of the lake at outpost alpha. 

Raupi (night) is also known as Evil Raupi. It is very dark and a dense, dark mist blocks the view. It's easy to lose orientation in there.