The Pteranodon is one of 10 dinosaurs in Orion: Dino Horde and one of 2 flying dinosaurs. The Pteranodon is much stronger than the Rham in that it deals more damage, has more health, and it can lift players off the ground and drop them to their death. The only ways to counter being picked up by a Pteranodon are meleeing it, having a teammate shoot it down, or shooting it yourself.

Once picked up by a Pteranodon, players can break free with a melee attack. The longer a player remains in the Pteranodon's claws, the longer they take damage and the further they fall.

The Tier 1 perk Landing Cape will eliminate fall damage from a Pteranodon while the Tier 3 perk Steel Boots will prevent a player from being picked up by the Pteranodon.


The Pteranodon swoop

The bite