Let's bring out the big guns. Primary Weapons are available in the Armory. Each class unlocks one Primary in the loadout menu at level 30.

Automatic RiflesEdit

These three weapons can put a lot of lead into the air. Or into dinosaurs.

Fnc30 Trek47 Trek79
Name FNC-30 Burst Rifle TREK-47 Automatic Rifle TREK-79 LMG
Damage 75 75 60
RoF 0.420 0.087 0.100
Clipsize 36 40 60
Price 4,200Cr 4,500Cr 5,500Cr

The FNC-30 fires three shot bursts, the other two fire fully automatic.

Sniper RiflesEdit

These weapons have great accuracy, powerful ammunition and a scope to zoom in on targets (use with right mouse button)

Xr8 Trek22 Longshot
Name XR8 Sniper TREK-22 Sniper TREK Longshot
Damage 150 400 1,200
RoF 0.087 0.33 1.0
Clipsize 20 15 8
Price 6,000Cr 7,000Cr


Additional NotesEdit

Primaries and Adrenaline Weapons share one inventory slot. If you buy an Adrenaline Weapon, your equipped weapon drops to the ground. There are augmentations that allow carrying two Primaries and two Adrenaline Weapons. A still persisting glitch with the augmentation for Primaries allows players to carry a Primary and an Adrenaline weapon.

The XR8 was considered to be named T-48 Tactical Carbine.