Protecting the Power Generator is the main objective in Survival game mode. It can only be found on survival maps. The generator is part of the base and always marked with label and distance in the HUD.

The base buildings are powered by the generator. The shops do not work while the generator is down.

Generator States Edit

Color State
blue inactive
green running
red broken

The generator shows in different colors depending on its state. Before it is activate, it glows blue. While it is running it shines in green. Sparks fly from it if it is damaged. Once it is broken, the generator turns red.

You'll also see an alert with a countdown timer on the HUD and hear an alarm when the generator is down. The alarm sounds get more intense over time.

Repairing the GeneratorEdit

The time to repair the generator is limited. On higher difficulties the countdown is shorter. The countdown resets when the generator is fixed.

Difficulties Easy, Noob Normal Hard, Insane, Redikulous
Countdown 5 minutes 3 minutes 1 minute

Throwing an EMP grenade (or shooting an EMP arrow) on he generator adds five seconds to the timer.

You can repair the generator by hand, with the utility gun and the revital kit. The repair progress in percent shows in your HUD while repairng.

To repair by hand, stand next to the generator and hold your use key (default 'e'). Hand-repairs are slower than using items. With the utility gun, stand nearby and shoot the red repair beam with left mouse button.

You can move while repairing, as long as you stay in range. When repairing by hand you can reload your equipped weapon at the same time by pressing the reload key (default 'R') while holding use down.

Repairs go faster if multiple players work at the same time.

Defending the GeneratorEdit

As your task is saving the generator, you may want to protect it. Each grenade type is great for that. Attacking dinosaurs don't move much, so frag grenades easily find their target. EMP grenades stun attackers and smoke drives them away.

Dinosaurs that gnaw on the generator do react to your attacks. If you fire at them they will leave the generator to attack you instead.

Especially on easy difficulties you may also consider leaving the generator broken for as long as you can. Dinosaurs can't damage it any further and you can focus on killing them before fixing the generator. Don't forget that you need a running generator to buy things!