At the Armory, five items are for sale. 


There are two important things that you should never run out off: Health and ammunition. The supply kits restore full health or ammo for 500Cr.  The kits are used instantly and do not replace other items. They are only available if you actually need them.

Health kit Ammo kit
Name Health Kit Ammo Kit
Function Restores health and shield Refills ammo and grenades

Note: There are more cost efficient ways to heal or resupply ammo: The support class can heal itself and other players without costs, and any player can buy the utility gun which will provide unlimited free ammo for all players on the team (and repair vehicles), but it requires a $5k investment to buy.


These items go to your inventory and are accessible with '4' key. They can only be used while equipped. Each has a very different function and you can only carry one at a time.

Cryo knife Utility gun Hack
Name Cryo Knife Utility Gun Revital Kit
Price 2,000 Cr 5,000 Cr 6,000 Cr
Function Melee weapon with two attack (left and right mouse button) Refills ammo and grenades, repairs vehicles and generator Instantly revives teammates, fastest generator repair plus freezes countdown timer.

Note: The Cryo knife does NOT deal more base damage than default melee attack. Even with a death stab, weapon smack deals more damage. The Cryo knife death stab is interruptable with a regular slash, amounting for (without augs) 1400 damage almost instantaneously (on medium). However, this is still outclassed by a single weapon smack. It should be noted that using the melee button (default v) for the regular slash is better than using primary attack, as it will not interrupt a full sprint. Additionally, the regular slash animation can be interrupted by changing weapons, if used properly, this can make for somewhat of a "machine gun" effect with slashes, by slashing, waiting to hit, changing weapons, slashing again, and repeating, you can almost constantly be slashing.

Note: If you select the Revital Kit by pressing '4', it will show up as 'Hacking Kit'. Apparently the devs changed the item name in the store, but not in your on-screen weapon display...

OSOR Teleporting DeviceEdit

 The teleporter is not for sale. It is part of every equipment and selectable with '5' key. To use it, you need to stand still and not be attacked. Hold left mouse button until the energy bar is full, which takes a few sesonds. Then you'll teleport to the default spawn point of the map.

The teleporting device needs to cool down for 60 seconds after it has been used.