Ion blade
The TREK Ion Blade is one of five secondary weapons in the game. It is also the only secondary melee weapon. The TREK Ion Blade can also be customized in the loadout menu to have different blade colors and different blade trail colors. The default color is yellow. All common colors are available at the Spiral Store.

Like all melee attacks the Ion Blade can be used while being cloaked.

The Ion Blade is the only weapon that can kill enemies behind you without causing damage to yourself.

Basic ControlsEdit

Left Mouse(Tap): Light Attack

Left Mouse(Hold): Heavy Attack

Right Mouse: Block

Melee (default V key): Stab


Combos deal additional damage.

Light Attack Combo: Light Attack, Light Attack, Melee (will do 4 swings, last 2 being very quick).

Heavy Attack Combo: Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack, Melee (will do 4 swings, last 2 being faster).

Stab = Melee.
Backstab = Backwards ('S') + Melee
360 Spin (Knock-back attack) = Hold Melee.

Finding a name & Community InvolvementEdit

The working title was "Sabre Bade" and "ION", but the developers instead involved the community with choosing a proper name for the weapon:

"Well. I am stuck. I cannot think of a classy enough name for our "Lightsaber" since Mr. George Lucas took possibly the coolest name for it.

So with that being said... I am leaving it up to you guys. Can anyone think of an awesome name for our ORION saber of plasma and awesomesauce?"