Hell map
Hell was available for the duration of the first Spooktacular Event. It is based on Arid, but fires are burning behind the mountains and pumkins fill the map. In the center of the map, one gigantic pumpkin wears a witches hat and a mask with blue flames coming out of mouth and eyes.


This map has five Dragonfly hoverbikes and eight Penguin buggies  spread over the map. The outposts, when conquered, give:

Outpost Alpha 2 Gladiators
Outpost Bravo  1 Mech, 1 Tank
 Outpost Charlie  2 VTOLs

Spooctakular EventEdit

This map is home of the Pumpkin King, the signature enemy of the event. He resides in a remote arena that is not depicted on the map. Throughout the usual Survival game, random raptors turned into the Etheral Beast for some time, turning them extra fast and glowing yellow. Killing that raptor got all players teleported in the pumpkin arena. There they had to fight the Pumpkin King and his army of minions.

Defeating the Pumkin King made players win the game and as a reward they earned the pumpkin hat from the Spiral Store.

At the same time the contest "Are you insane 2.0?" ran.