Each of the three classes starts the game with a different type of grenade. At the Armory you can buy different grenades. You can carry four grenades, eight with the grenadeer upgrade, and only one type at a time.

Types of GrenadesEdit

EMP grenade Frag grenade Smoke grenade
Name Frag Grenade EMP Grenade Smoke Grenade
Class Assault Recon Support
Effect Explosion with high damage output. Stuns dinosaurs, repairs vehicles. Blocks view, keeps dinosaurs away.

Frag Grenades kill raptors instantly. They explode after a short time or if an enemy is nearby. Your own Frag Grenades can hurt or kill you if they explode close to you. Team members will not be hurt by any friendly fire.

EMP Grenades stun small dinosaurs for a few seconds. Flying dinosaurs die from the pulse if they are nearby. Big dinosaurs are not affected. Vehicles are repaired instantly, but disabled for a few seconds. Broken generators gain a few extra seconds for repairs before they blow up. In PvP modes they deplete shields of enemy players.

Smoke Grenades block the view and keep dinosaurs away. They are especially useful to clear areas around the generator, outposts or a fallen player if you want to help him up.  In PvP modes smoke also hides the red triangles that show above enemy players who were made out, allowing to move in surprising directions, but this works for the opposite team as well.

Additional NotesEdit

Smoke Grenades can also launch vehicles in the sky if they are placed underneath.

The Utility Gun also restores grenades, though it does take rather long.