The FNC-30 Burst Rifle is one of six primary weapons and one of three weapons that can be unlocked for loadouts. The FNC-30 Burst Rifle can be unlocked by leveling the Assault class to level 30.

There are some things to consider when purchasing this weapon.

--> The rate of fire for the FNC-30 is slow. Even once you learn the timing of the weapon, you can only squeeze off a bit more than two shots per second (ROF = .42 seconds) The result is that it takes a long time to bring down a pack of raptors.

--> Many of the secondary weapons are just as effective at close range and almost half the cost.The RNC44 or a shotgun are good purchases.

The math

FNC-30 --> 3 * 69 = 217 damage at 2.38 bursts per second (.42 rof) = 517 damage per second.

RNC44 --> 50 damage per round at 15 rounds per second (.067 rof) = 750 damage per second.

TREK-47 = 75 damage per round at 11.5 rounds per second (.087 rof) = 862 damage per second.

It does essentially the same damage as the RNC44, except the auto pistol has a smaller clip (lots of reloading).