Dino Horde currently has ten kinds of dinosaurs. Each of them has the potential to kill you, but some are more dangerous than others.

The damage numbers below are towards shields.


The two flying types of dinosaurs are not too dangerous on their own, but they make things harder for anyone who does not move. Their high pitched shrieks should warn you to control the sky.

Rham Ptey
Name Rhamphorhynchus Pteranodon
Attack Mode Hit Grab and Drop
Damage 30 3 per second
Hitpoints 300 3,000
Credits 150 Cr 400 Cr

Rhams hit players with their pointy beak. The Pteranodon grabs players and slowly drains their life. To break free use melee. Fall damage can easily take your life.

Attacks from the air are easily countered by walking, changing directions, rolling, jumping, jetpacking or cloaking. Flyers are slow at correcting their paths.

Killing flying dinosaurs is easier if you not move at all. They will come for you, flying in a straight line with their vulnerable heads first.

Small DinosaursEdit

There are three small dinosaurs swarming the ground. They are not much of a threat as a single dinosaur, but they come in swarms.

Compy Raptor Dila
Name Compsognathus Velociraptor Dilophosaurus
Attack Mode Bite Bite Spit, Bite
Damage 8 16 35 (bite)
Hitpoints ~300 700 ?
Credits 100 Cr 100 Cr 250 Cr

Compies sometimes attack on their own, but often come in pairs or even small groups. They are small enough to hide in tall grass. Their small bodies are hard to shoot at, once they get close to you, melee attacks are the best way to deal with them.

Raptors come in swarms and are by far the most frequent dinosaur to encounter. They can't take much damage and are easy to shoot, but the sheer number of enemies can make things hard. Don't get cornered or they'll overwhelm you.

Dilophosaurus mostly operate on their own. Two or three can transform the world around you in a lake of acid spit that is hurting you while you're standing it. Direct hits from their spitballs cause additional damage. They can take much more fire than a raptor and should be a priority over all previously mentioned enemies.

Large DinosaursEdit

Stegosaurus Triceratops T-Rex Spinosaurus Deinosuchus