The Dilophosaurus is one of 10 dinosaurs in Orion: Dino Horde. It's capable of shooting acid long ranges, which lands in a puddle which damages players who stand in it before it dissipates. The Dilophosaurus is also rather hardy, able to take many hits.


The Dilophosaurus has two attacks - (1) its bite (2) acid spitting.

The second is particularly dangerous for a number of reasons. First, the Dilophosaurus can spit acid a very long distance and very high up. Even the Assault class, high on a rocky peak can be hit (It is possible to get up high enough so as to be out of range, but you have to be up very far.) Second, acid pools continue to do significant damage over time. Once spit, acid covered areas deal damage to any player in this zone. This can be especially dangerous to a Recon class who has just cloaked in order to heal but is doused, nonetheless, with an acid bath.

The Dilophosaurus can also cause problems as players attempt try to revive teammates. A Dilophosaurus will spit at the assisting teammate, covering the area surrounding the downed teammate with acid. This forces the assisting teammate to flee. If you must revive a teammate and a Dilophosaurus is nearby, use a smoke grenade if available or attempt to kill the Dilophosaurus before reviving the teammate.

The trick with the Dilophosaurus is to listen for its spitting sound (sounds more like gagging) and to MOVE. So long as a player is moving, he or she will take little damage.

Acid pools dissipate after about 10 seconds.

A Dilophosaurus which is close to a player will not spit. The good tactic if a Dilophosaurus is near is to circle strafe until the beast is dead.