There are three main Carrier classes in Dino horde. Each has a unique ability via the ability key (default ctrl) and specialized equipment.


Assault Recon Support
Name Assault Recon Support
Ability Jetpack Cloak Medic Gun
Sidearm CV-10 Pistol CV-10 Silenced Pistol M-40 Magnum
Grenade Frag Grenade EMP Grenade Smoke Grenade

All classes are equipped with the OSOR teleporting device (5 on the keyboard) that when holding down the left mouse button teleports the player back to base. More starting equipment unlocks as players level up and can be equipped in the loadout menu for each class.


The Assault carries a jetpack that can get him almost anywhere, especially out of danger. Standing on high ground keeps you away from claws and teeth, but those enemies who can attack you will double their efforts.

The basic pistol is good at all distances and frag grenades can kill any nearby raptor instantly. Don't get too close to your own explosions though, they are just as deadly towards yourself.

Use the jetpack with your ability key. It produces more lift when going straight up than when going in a direction. Short jetpack bursts help with going longer distances.


The Mistress of Mystery becomes invisible to dinosaurs once she cloaks. However, you're not entirely safe. The T-Rex will throw rocks at your last known location and dinosaurs that attack a different target can still damage you if you're in range.

Firing a weapon (or throwing grenades) while cloaked immediately uses up all energy. With a special upgrade you can fire silenced weapons while cloaked, but every shot costs energy.

Other activities can be done while cloaked, including melee attacks with fists, Cryo Knife and Ion Blade, repairing the Generator by hand and reviving fallen teammates. You can't enter vehicles or use shops while you are invisible.

The Silenced CV-10 has the same stats as the regular CV-10. EMP grenades stun enemies, both repair and disable vehicles for a few seconds and give precious extra seconds on the generator countdown.


The Support class has no means to directly escape from danger other than his smoke grenades. This is compensated with a shield that has double the regular strength and the mighty Medic Gun. This item shoots a blue beam of light that restores health and shields, even on players who are fighting for their life.

The medic beam also has a slowing effect on dinosaurs. Smaller dinosaurs stop moving completely, but even the biggest slow down. Multiple stasis beams slow down a target more. With the Stasis Fury upgrade this beam also deals damage.

The ability to heal others makes the Support an important part of any team. With his strong shield and the ability to heal himself, he's also pretty tough.

Support men are equipped with the M-40 Magnum, a powerful sidearm with astonishing precision. Beware its limited 10-round clip, though. Smoke grenades blind dinosaurs to your position and that of any other teammate within its plume, giving you and your teammates the time and space to heal/revive players or fix the generator, even in tense situations.