The Armory is a store building that sells weapons, grenades, items and weapon upgrades. It is only available on Survival maps.

The Armory is protected by security doors that are shut during dinosaur waves. In the breaks between waves a marker labeled weapons shows the shops location.

When the time is up, the Armory closes its doors and everyone who's still inside is teleported out. 

Store AssortmentEdit

The store has two shopping pods (use with 'e' key by default) that can be used by all players at the same time. The purchase menu is divided into seven categories:

Additional NotesEdit

You can carry one sidearm, one secondary and one primary OR adrenaline weapon, one grenade type and one item. Augmentations allow carrying two weapons in each slot.

If you buy a new weapon, your equipped weapon drops on the ground. This makes the Armory a likely place to find a weapon even if you're out of money. You can manually drop weapons with 'L' key (apart from your sidearm).

The outside walls of the Armory aren't that steep. You can walk and jump upwards on the yellow surfaces next to the doors to get on the roof.