Armor Customization

A Recon dressed to kill!

Within your Loadout menu, there are a few ways in which you can change your look to stand out from the rest of your team. These include armor color, headgear and capes. These can be bought from the Spiral Store and in some cases be earned through competitions and events.

These colors can also be applied to various weaponry. Tools such as Heal Gun, Utility Gun, Cryo Knife, OSOR Teleporting Device and the Revital Kit do not apply these colors.

Default Armor ColorsEdit

Standard Armor ColorsEdit

Detailed Armor ColorsEdit

Animated Armor ColorsEdit

Click on the image to see the full effect of the armor.

Achievement Armor ColorsEdit

Unlock 75 Achievements to earn the Elemental-Water pack.

Unlock 100 Achievements to earn the Rainbow Armor pack

Competitive Armor ColorsEdit

These armors are placed on the players when you select a Competitive Gamemode team. They are also the first alternative armors you unlock which can be used in Survival.

Developer Armor ColorsEdit

These armor colors are for Spiral Game Studio developers. They are sometimes given out as rewards to anyone who is lucky enough to win it during a special event.




Unlockable HeadgearEdit

  • Football Helmet - Complete 50 Achievements
  • Reptar - Complete Insane Difficulty
  • Pumpkin King - Defeat the Pumpkin King on Hell (also in the Spiral Store)
  • Party Hat - Unlocked by a code E-mailed to you by Spiral during their Anniversary Event


  • When wearing a Cape, all cosmetic gear such as weapons, will be removed from your back.
  • When riding in a Gladiator, Penguin or Dragonfly, your cape will stretch when driving fast.
  • The Altair are a faction based in the Orion lore.
  • The Recon class has clipping issues with many hats due to their protruding forehead on their helmet.
  • Beta Steve was given out to the core beta testers exclusively until it was put into the store.
  • The Witch hat looked like the hat being worn by the giant pumpkin on Hell when the Halloween Update was being tested.