Adrenaline Weapons are the most powerful and expensive weapons in Dino Horde. Each class can access two special weapons that match their abilities. They are for sale at the Armory.


The Assault class has access to two explosive weapons. Explosions deal damage on an area and hurt all targets that are nearby. You can kill yourself if you get too close, but teammates are not affected by friendly fire.

Grenade launcher Rocket launcher
Name Grenade Launcher Rocket Launcher
Damage 850 700
RoF 1.0 1.0
Clipsize 4 6
Price 15,000Cr 20,000Cr


The Recon class has access to two weapons with high precision and firepower. The Laser Rifle pierces through targets and can hit all targets in the line of fire. Hold down the LMB to fire. The Energy Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle with a basic scope that deals more damage than most primary weapons.

Energy carbine Laser rifle
Name Energy Carbine Laser Rifle
Damage 225 4,000
RoF 0.087 3.0
Clipsize 8 4
Price 20,000Cr 20,000Cr


The Support class has access to two weapons that are devastating on shorter ranges and perfect for taking out hordes of dinos. Both have huge clips and rarely need to be reloaded.

Flame thrower Gatling
Name Flamethrower Gatling Gun
Damage 60 110
RoF 0.087 0.04
Clipsize 250 500
Price 15,000Cr 20,000Cr

Targets that are on fire take damage over time. While these weapons are fired, walking speed is decreased.

All ClassesEdit


The TREK Long Bow is available for all classes. It can fire different arrow types.

Name TREK Long Bow
Damage 1,000
RoF 1.0
Price 20,000 Cr

It comes with infinite piercing arrows and a small number of explosive, EMP and smoke arrows, which act like the respective grenade types.

Cycle arrow types by using the reload key (default 'R').

Although a bow would typically be considered a silent weapon, it is not effected by the Recon Ninja augmentation.

Additional NotesEdit

Unlock all Adrenaline Weapons at the store with the VIP augmentation. You can also get fellow players to buy a weapon for you if they play the required class. Drop credits with 'K' and weapons with 'L' keys.

Some weapon upgrades do not affect Adrenaline Weapons.

Three PvP game modes are about the three classes and their specific weapons.

All class-specific adrenaline weapons can be unlocked for the loadout by reaching level 60 and level 70 with the matching class.